If you give a bear a brownie.

He will probably want a glass of milk to go with it.

When you give him the milk, he will most likely knock it over.

When it spills, he will feel so bad he might start crying.

Once he starts crying  you will feel so sorry for him you will want to give him a tissue.

After he stops crying, you may want to take him somewhere to cheer him up.

You’ll offer the park.

He will want to go.

When you get to the park, he will want to get on the rock wall.

Climbing the wall will make him think of mountains.

So he will want to reach the top.

When he gets to the top, he will look down at the view.

Then he will see you waving and remember he is only at the park.

He will wave back.

After a while, he decides this fort is too small.

He will come down to ask you if he can make his own fort at home.

So you both get in the car to leave.

When you get home, he will see the milk on the floor and want to clean it up.

When he is done, he will be thirsty.

You will give him a glass of milk…

In a sippy cup.

And chances are if you give a bear a glass of milk, he will want a brownie to go with it.